This is the first year that I have used Members & More as the Membership Chair for Anderson Elementary.  Our school is "Going Green" and we used the Electronic PTA Directory for our PTA members.  It was so easy to send out via email, and I have received positive feedback from parents.  It's easy to download to any computer and view Class Lists, the Student Directory, and the PTA Board. If you need to update the directory during the school year you can easily send one email to everyone to update it on their computer. I highly recommend using the Electronic Directory if your school is going green.  It saves time, trees and money!

Shannon Bayon
Membership Chair
Anderson Elementary PTA, Frisco ISD

Members and More has been a wonderful tool for our PTA. Two years ago I held the membership chair and used M&M then. Now I have the membership chair again and couldn't be happier to be using it again. By merging a previous year into the current year, it drastically cuts down on the data entry. Printing the membership list to send off to state is also so convenient. Managing school staff and board members is another benefit to not have to create a separate spread sheet. My directory chair is also using this for her second year. She also loves that all the info she inputted last year is there again and just needs to be verified. Huge time saver! It is nice to just all use the same system instead of several different ones as in the past. I hope to get our volunteer and room parent coordinators on board this year!! Awesome program that saves me tons of time...Thank you!

Sheryl Bradley
Mooneyham Elementary PTA

Members and More is an aMaZiNg program!! This is our 3rd year to use M&M and we LOVE it!! The ease of entry alone is worth it, but what I love the most is the fact I can send an email with my question and Tanja ((even Jens the first year)) were prompt and simple with their responses. It made entering data and using the program so much better! There is a place for everything! Thank you, Thank You for making life in the PTA so much easier for us! 

Tammy Merritt
Sonntag Elementary PTA President

I love this company!  They are so quick and responsive to all of my questions and requests, even on Labor Day weekend!!!!  They are friendly, helpful and so supportive. 
A big huge thank you to Tanja and Jens!!!

Debi Knott
Jackson Davis Elementary PTA,
Henrico, VA

Our PTA is moving in a GREENER direction, and we are so excited to have the Members and More tool to use as we make efforts to reduce the amount of paperwork parents and volunteers have to handle every school year.  We are thrilled to have information about our volunteers and members available through a few points and clicks, and to have our directory available in electronic and printed format.  The service thus far has been stellar and our team of board members is looking forward to working with both of you as you continue to improve this already fabulous product.

Best regards,
Bari Lawhorn
Farmington Woods PTA
,  Technology Chair


As a first time member to a PTA Board and also a first time volunteer to organize and produce a student directory for a new school, I was a little apprehensive about my new ‘project’!!  I was finding the aspect of creating a directory from scratch a little daunting , to say the least!!  Members and More made my job very easy!!  I found the software to be very user friendly.  It was easy to navigate through and cut down on many repetitive entries.  Members and More offered me many options of printing layouts so that our student directory could be personalized to meet our individual school’s needs.  It also allowed for easy insertion of student artwork.  Through the use of Members and More, Allen Elementary received an incredible first year student directory that I know the entire school community can use as a great resource!!! 

Melissa Smith
Allen Elementary
PTA Student Directory Chair

I really like the software, it is so nice to be able to organize our Student and Member information without using Excel. The staff is great! Very helpful and quick to respond to any question. The new Printing Guide is a great addition.


Tori Scoffield,
, Hardy Oak Elementary PTA

Jens and Tanja,

THANK YOU for your outstanding customer service.  We got our directory proof today and it looks great.  

We really appreciate your willingness to help.

    Jill - Mathews Elementary