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Members & More viewer

Send an electronic copy of your school directory to your families!

Convenience for you and your school's families
You can send out your electronic directories as often and early as you like - no need to wait for the last family to submit their data.
Your families enjoy all the benefits of an electronic solution like searching for first names or checking where an address is on a map, emailing directly from the directory,  or simply the fact that the directory doesn't disappear from your desk because your daughter needed to call her friend (she can have her own).
New: Now with vCard to send your important contacts to your smart phone or other device!

Save time  and money
Our electronic directory is the ideal solution for everybody looking to spend little time and money.
The time needed to visit your printer, pick up the directories and to distribute them can add up. Forget all that with the Members & More viewer application - you conveniently send your encrypted directories from your desk - by email!
The cost of an electronic directory is a fraction of the printing cost and very affordable for even the most cash-strapped schools.
If you would like to make money for your school, just set it up as a fundraiser. Your families will love to get something for their donation that they will use all year long!

Safety of your student data is one of our biggest concerns
That's why we never store sensitive data like your child's name, age or address on the web.
Members & More data is sent in encrypted format and can only be viewed with the Members & More Viewer software and a special key, created for the individual family.
When it comes to your child's safety, the best protection is just good enough.

Support your school's effort in going green
It never was easier to be earth-friendly with this paperless school directory solution.

 $1.30 / license
 50-99 licenses   
 $1.20 / license
 100-199 licenses   
 $1.10 / license
 200-399 licenses   
 $0.90 / license
 400+ licenses   
 $0.70 / license

Every household receiving an electronic directory requires one license.
Family members within the same household can share a license even if the directory is saved to several computers.
Viewer licences are purchased and valid for 1 (one) school year.

  • NEW: now also available as  MAC version!
  • NEW: available in English,  Spanish or German

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