Your solution for easy membership management and directory creation!


  • families
  • students including PTA student memberships  NEW!
  • school staff
  • members
  • room parents
  • board members
  • volunteers including background-checks  NEW!

create easily
  • printable or electronic school or club directories
  • printed PTA membership cards
  • required membership submissions to your state PTA:
    membership roster and dues report
  • reports for your organization to measure your success
  • class lists
  • emails to get your family/student information verified
  • mass emails to all your members or certain groups
  • volunteer reports, including time spent on a volunteer job

why use our product?
  • we have the right version for Windows, Mac and Linux users!
  • it was designed for parent-teacher-groups like yours
  • you get a complete software package without paying monthly or yearly fees! Keep your donations where they belong - at your school.
  • we have awesome customer service! If you ever get stuck, just email or call
  • unlimited users per license
  • we have a bunch of happy users  Read more
  • you can go paperless without sacrificing the safety of critical data
  • time-saving features wherever you click
  • Members & More is easy to use by anybody who owns a computer
  • very affordable, fair and transparent pricing
  • personalize your directory using your school's colors, pictures, mascot and more
  • our electronic directory is great for fundraising!
  • we help schools in need!

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Do you not know where to find important membership
or volunteer information of your PTA?

Are several members of your PTO board recording the same
type of data into different spreadsheets and documents?

Does everything take too long and is too complicated?

                            STOP the madness!

Members & More organizes all the data of your school group and helps you create a family directory, membership reports and volunteer reports while facilitating mass communication with your families.
Members & More is easy to use and safe since your sensitive student data is never stored online!
You can get Members & More for only $189 (one-time-purchase) per school group, including unlimited email support and unlimited users!

Volunteers do deserve to work with the best tools!

Request your free test license today!

Message from the manager:
We are ready to release our newest Version 4

All new clients will automatically get this version with new features like PTA student memberships, easier directory printing with print-previews and much more.
All existing clients - please contact us to receive your upgrade!

Please call or email with any questions.
Our clients already know: we are here to help!
Tanja Eltze
Co-founder Members & More, mother & school directory chair

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