Members & More

Will I have to pay the cost for "Members & More" every school year?
No, you pay only once and use the software for as long as you like.

How will I receive the software?
You can download it from our website. After ordering, we will issue a license key for you that will allow you to work with it.

We are three ladies, all working on creating the same directory. Do we need to pay for three licenses?
No, one license is enough as long as you all work for the same school or parent-teacher organization.

Who from our board would be able to use this software?
Every board is different, but in general, if you have the following positions, they would benefit from using the software:
Membership chair, Directory chair, Volunteer coordinator, Room parent coordinator, President, Newsletter/PR chair and any other officer that would like to send out information to certain groups.
With Members & More, it is also very easy for your Environmental Chair to set up walking/biking groups, since you can sort and contact your families by street or neighborhood.

We previously worked with excel spreadsheets. Can we transfer existing data into "Members & More" ?
Yes. Please contact us for specific instructions.

How safe is our student data if we use "Members & More" ?
Data safety is one of our main concerns (next to affordability and ease of use).
Your school's family and student data resides on your own computer/server, so you have total control over who is able to access this sensitive data. In our opinion, the internet is a great place for lots of information. Gender, age and address of a child should not be part of it.
If you use Online-entry, the data is with us for a short period of time. We will not sell or misuse the data - ever.

I don't want to enter all 300 of our students plus their family data myself into a software. Is there an easier way?
Yes, with the Online Entry, your families can enter their own data through our website. We will create lists for you regularly, that can get imported into your Members & More database with one click. This means much less work for you and higher data accuracy. Plus no more guessing games regarding illegible handwriting!

How do I make sure that children that left the school are not in the new directory?
The program already makes suggestions based on the grade level. 
Plus all "old" data is "unconfirmed" until you receive the family's update and renewed permission to publish.
No "unconfirmed" data can be printed or published.

Can we use Members & More for communication purposes?
Yes, there are many different ways to use Members & More for communication. Send out your newsletters, remind your families of the next event or volunteer opportunity, email to a certain group, like for example just your board members.
We also have created an automated message to send out to a family if you would like them to confirm the address information you have on file.

Is there any hidden cost?

Will there be updates or upgrades of "Members & More" in the future?
Yes, updates will be free.
As we add additional functionality, there will be upgrades available for purchase.
If you own "Members & More" already, the price for the upgrade will be considerably lower than the purchase price of the new software.

Why would I want to sort my members by neighborhood or street?
Let's say your Environmental chair is planning a Walk to School day and is looking for volunteers to meet the children in certain streets.

What if we have problems with your software?
Ease of use  is one of our main goals. We are aware of the fact that volunteers typically do this only for one or two years and come from all walks of life.
We created a general User guide for your reference and a separate dedicated printing guide that we recommend for the printing of school directories.
In several places we also included wizards that will guide you step-by-step. This is like having a coach sit next to you.
If despite all that, there is an open question or problem, please never hesitate to email. We will get back to you as fast as we can.

How is the ordering process?
Order here or let us  know by email or phone that you are interested. We will then send you a temporary license key for your organization.
Play around with it or enter already all the  data you have and see if you like it. Let us know when you are ready to receive the invoice. After we receive payment, you will get your organization's permanent license key (you will not loose previously entered data). No risk involved.

Do you pay for referrals?
Our business and the low cost of our products depend on you spreading the word to other parent teacher groups.
Please know that we absolutely positively appreciate it, if you recommend Members & More to other school volunteers!
We don't pay for referrals because we believe that a referral can only be trusted, if no money is involved.

Members & More Viewer

What are the benefits of the electronic directory versus the printed directory
There are many benefits of the electronic directory. I personally enjoy that I can easily find members with only the first name which makes this your perfect playdate organizer. Another huge benefit is that each family member can have their own directory on the computer - no more lost directories!
The mapping feature is very convenient when you want to go to a different member's home.
Of course you don't have any printing cost and it is a green product! The electronic directory can also get updated as often as new members join!

How safe is the "Members & More Viewer"?
We totally agree with your safety concerns - after all we are parents, too. The Members & More Viewer is even safer than a printed copy that can get into the wrong hands and definitely much safer than a web-based directory!
The data is encrypted and only readable by your members that have received the license key from you.
With the "Members & More Viewer" you get modern convenience without having your critical data on the web.

For how much money should we sell the "Viewer" licenses to our families?
We recommend a price of $5-$10, but this is up to your organization to decide.

How much money will we raise with the "Viewer" licenses?
Let's say you sell 500 electronic school directories at a price of $10 each, so you will have to pay $350 in license fees (500 x $ 0.70).
The remaining $ 4,650.00 will be your school's earnings.

What is the process of creating an e-directory with Members  More?
First you order the number of sub-licenses that you need, based on the number of families that will receive the e-directory. You will receive an updated license-key that will allow you to create that number of sub-licenses. Members & More has a wizard that will guide you through the steps of saving the encrypted school database and creating the email that will go out to all families that shall receive the e-directory. The family's personal license key and the encrypted database will be attached to that email.

How is family information updated?
The "Members & More Viewer" has a function to update the family database. When you send updated family information to your licensees, they can use the update function to load the new information.

What if I am not sure if our families will like an electronic directory?
Whenever there is change there will be people that won't like it at first, no matter how beneficial the change is. It is best to be proactive and explain before the change what the many benefits of an electronic directory are, like for example the lower cost, that it is a green solution and how easy it is to find information with an electronic directory. Then make it clear that it was the PTAs PTOs or school's decision to do it this way.
As an alternative, you could let the families choose during a transition period and provide a printed and an electronic directory depending on the family's preference. Luckily distributing the electronic directory is very fast and easy to do.

Why is your e-directory not online?
Safety is one of our main concerns, especially since the well-being of students is at stake.
The internet is a great place to search for information, however we believe that the gender, age and address of a child should be more protected than with a simple password that is easy to "leak"
We feel that no matter how convenient a cloud-based solution might be, it does not justify the risks it inevitably entails. Cloud based solutions might be on the rise right now, but so are the cases of data breach.
Even though we might be more profitable with an online solution, we don't want our product to be the reason why a child might get hurt.