Download Viewer

Below you will find the link to the latest version of the Members & More Viewer. Please choose the version you want to download, open the  .ZIP file, and double-click the Members & More viewer set-up to install the program . Please note that you need a valid license key in order to run the program. If you have not received your license key, please contact your local PTA, PTO or membership organization.

A brief documentation that explains the installation process is available for download as well.

Members & More Viewer

Download Version for Windows (XP or later)
  Download Version for MAC OS X (10.6. or later)

A native version that runs under Linux OS is available upon request. Please contact us with information about the Linux distribution and desktop environment you use.


You should have received an email with two attachments from your local PTA - one attachment is the license key, the other attachment the electronic directory. Please make sure that your email program keeps the extension of the attachments when you save them to your hard drive, as you otherwise have to browse through all files later rather than browsing through files with the required extensions only.

MAC OS X (10.7.5 and later):

If you run MAC OS X version 10.7.5 or later, you might get a warning that the application can not be downloaded or installed as it is not published through the Apple Apps Store. This is a new security feature from Apple - called Gatekeeper - that is intended to protect your computer from being infected by malicious software.

We are working on changing the way of how we publish the Members & More Viewer. But for the time being, please follow the documentation provided by Apple on how to change the Gatekeeper settings to enable to installation.

Instructions for Updating Your Software

Before installing a new software version, please uninstall the previous version from your computer. As configuration, license files and electronic directories are not stored in the same directory as your software, your information will still be available after you installed the new version.

If you have problems running the software, if you have recommendations for improvements, or if you have anything else you would like to share with us: we would like to hear from you! Please drop us an email at