Download Main Software

Support of Version 3 can be found below the downloads for Version 4.

Members & More Manager Version 4

This is our newest version, just being released. If you are currently working with Version 3 or older, please contact us for upgrade pricing.

In order to use this version, you need a license key that states "V4" in it's name.


- We constantly improve the software and add new features. Please make sure that your team works with the same software revision, as otherwise team members using an old version might not be able to open the database created with a newer version.
- Version 3.5 and later support the new membership cards the National PTA released for 2012. Don't use a previous version, as the format changed.
- If you want to use the printing features of Members & More, you also need to download the print layout file!
- Members & More can print directly on membership cards and membership submission forms. If you want us to support the forms of your State, please send us a sample of the form. We will then work on the required settings for you.

Download Version 4.7 for Windows
(Version 8 or later):
 Download Version 4.4 for Mac OS X
(version 10.8. or later):
The print layout for version 4 can be found here:

Members & More Manager Version 3

This is a legacy product and only supported to the extend of fixing major issues. Version 3.21 is an updated version that adds support for Windows 10. Version 3.22 adds support for OS X El Capitan, it requires OS X Yosemite (10.10) or later.

Download Version 3.21.1 for Windows
(XP or later):
  Download Version 3.22 for
Mac OS X
(version 10.6. or later):

Print Layout optimized for half-letter (booklet) sized printing
IMPORTANT: This works only with Version 3!

Texas PTA Membership Cards:
Version 3.5 and later support direct printing of the current Texas PTA membership cards. You need to use the following numbers for the membership card sheet settings:

Instructions for Updating Your Software

If you already have a previous version of Members & More installed on your computer, please uninstall that software before you install the new version. You will not loose any data or your configuration information, as that is not stored in the program directory.

Instructions for Updating Your Printer Layout File

Start Members & More. Select the Menu Item "Options", then click on "Update Print Format File". Select the file you downloaded from this page. Members & More will then install the new printer layout file.

General Guidance for Printing with Members & More

We compiled a general guide for working and printing with Members & More. You can download the Printing Guide here.

Advertisement Manager

We also have a small tool available for arranging and printing of advertisement. This is a free tool for our customers, you can use it at your own risk, but we can provide only limited technical support for the tool (if any). You can download it here.

Members & More Viewer

The download for the Members & More Viewer can be found on this web page