About Us

Who we are

We are a small company, specializing in supporting PTA or PTO volunteers with the right tools and support. After all, that's where we come from. We have served on the boards of several PTAs on the local and Council level for a combined seven years. We understand what you need, to run a successful PTA and how you can save time.

When you call, you will likely talk to Tanja, a "non-techy" and mother of three girls, who understands that a software needs to be easy to use and self-explanatory.

Jens is the "brains" behind the software. He really enjoyed being on our PTA board with all the ladies adoring him for developing Members & More.

Environmental concerns guide all of Tanja & Jens' decisions, both private and in business.
Eltze Solutions LLC is running almost 100% paperless.

Our Philosophy

We provide a specialized tool to parent-teacher groups that performs what they need and doesn't what they don't.
In our development process, we always keep in mind how we can save time for the volunteer. When using Members & More, no single piece of data has to be entered twice, but is "re-used" in many different applications.
Our main concerns are ease of use, safety of critical student data (that's why your data is never stored online) and affordability of the software (after all, almost all of our clients are non-profits).
We also understand that excellent customer service is essential for your happiness and piece of mind. That's why we provide that to all our customers for free!

We strongly believe that a specialized tool will help a parent-teacher-group retain their volunteers and ensure that they are coming back next year. Volunteers deserve to work with the right tools!

Trends come and go and we don't jump on the latest bandwagon just to appear cool, but we do provide a solid and safe solution that will make your PTA or PTO successful for years to come.

We do good

Jens and Tanja offer to donate one license of Members & More to school communities in need for every 10 software licenses sold.
Decisions on donations are based on certain criteria, including the overall budget of the previous school year. If you would like to apply for the "license donation" program, please contact Tanja at tanja.eltze@membersandmore.com.

We also give back to the community through volunteering.